Disney CEO Bob Iger is sending a clear message to the titans of tech: it’s time for better deals on app store revenues. As Disney continues to distribute its top-tier streaming services like Hulu and Disney+ through giants like Apple and Google, Iger expressed concerns about the hefty cuts these tech platforms take from revenues at a recent investor conference.

Speaking to analyst Michael Nathanson at a MoffettNathanson-hosted event, Iger highlighted the financial strain of streaming through third-party app stores. He noted, “We have to look at the way we’re distributing. Unlike Netflix, we distribute largely through third-party app stores. There’s obviously an advantage to that to some extent, but there’s a cost to that, too. And we’re looking at that.” This suggests Disney may be exploring more profitable distribution methods, possibly following the lead of Netflix, which ceased allowing signups through third-party platforms like Apple’s App Store in 2018.

The current agreements vary by platform. Apple’s policy, for instance, charges video companies like Disney 15% of revenue for signups through Apple-distributed apps, while Roku may charge video companies fees and require a portion of their ad inventory.

The implications of Iger’s remarks are noteworthy. If Disney were to follow Netflix’s model, not only could it improve its margins, but it could also alter the dynamics of app store revenues significantly. While Apple Reportedly gains up to 30% of revenue from in-app purchases, any shift by major companies like Disney could push for industry-wide changes.

The push for better deals also comes at a time when Apple’s App Store policies are under regulatory scrutiny worldwide, which might pave the way for more favorable terms for video companies.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Could Disney’s move influence other companies to seek better app store deals, and how do you think it will impact the landscape of streaming services? Share your views in the comments below and let’s get the discussion started!


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