From the heart of the Magic Kingdom to the world of cutting-edge technology, Disney has always been a pioneer in storytelling innovation. Recently, this commitment to progress was highlighted by Disney CEO Bob Iger during a fascinating discussion at the Canva Create showcase. Sitting down with Canva co-founder Melanie Perkins, Iger delved into the exciting and somewhat controversial realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Iger, an investor and board member of Canva, lauded the platform for its use of generative AI tools. He echoed the sentiments of Walt Disney himself, noting that technology, when wielded by a skilled storyteller, has the power to transform narratives and reach broader audiences. He urged the audience to focus on how technology, particularly AI, can enhance creativity rather than its potential disruptions. “Don’t fixate on its ability to be disruptive—fixate on tech’s ability to make us better and tell better stories,” Iger emphasized.

The topic of AI has been especially heated in the entertainment industry, highlighted by last year’s WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Concerns were raised about AI replacing human talent and unauthorized use of their creations. Disney faced its own backlash with Marvel’s “Secret Invasion,” which employed AI for its opening sequence. Despite this, Disney has created an AI task force to explore future applications, demonstrating the company’s strategic commitment to integrating AI thoughtfully.

Reflecting on the inevitable march of technological advancement, Iger remarked, “You’re never going to get in the way of it… What we try to do is embrace the change that technology has created.” This attitude of harnessing technology instead of resisting it is central to Disney’s forward-looking ethos.

In his advice to Perkins, Iger stressed the importance of staying true to core values while evolving. Drawing comparisons with iconic brands like Disney and Coca-Cola, he argued that maintaining foundational values is crucial for long-term success. “Abandoning those core values that got you where you are is what, in my opinion, results in the extinction of brands and companies,” Iger concluded.

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