In the recent MoffettNathanson Media and Communications Summit, Disney CEO Bob Iger illuminated Disney’s strategic blueprint for expanding its parks and resorts, underscoring the considerable return on investment in these magical attractions. “I looked at the return on invested capital in our parks and resorts unit over my tenure, and it was extraordinary,” Iger enthused, shedding light on the company’s lucrative portfolio.

Highlighting the impressive performance of Disney’s parks, Iger shared that almost all parks achieved record-breaking metrics in revenue, per capita spending, and attendance during the last quarter. The only exception was Disney World, which, despite not reaching such peaks, still demonstrated strong performance. Reflecting on recent developments, Iger asserted that major investments in Walt Disney World position Disney favorably against its rival, Universal.

Shifting the focus to Disney’s international ventures, Iger highlighted the flourishing success of Shanghai Disneyland, which since its opening in 2016 has elevated Disney’s brand affinity in China and ascended to the top tourist attraction in Shanghai. Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris are also basking in steady growth thanks to substantial expansions. The latter’s second park, Walt Disney Studios, is undergoing a significant transformation with new attractions set to open over the next couple of years.

When addressing the looming competition from Universal’s upcoming Epic Universe in Orlando, Iger acknowledged it but remained confident. He emphasized the potency of Disney’s intellectual properties (IPs), mentioning the allure of Galaxy’s Edge and Tron Lightcycle Run as key examples of Disney’s innovative edge. “We’ve had competition for a long time. I’m mindful of what they’re doing, but I’m confident in what we’ve built and will continue to grow,” he confidently remarked.

In conclusion, Iger affirmed the enduring appeal and resilience of Disney’s parks and cruises. He underscored the exceptional experiences that Disney offers, whether on land or sea, which continue to captivate and generate lasting value for their guests. “The experience that we deliver, whether it’s at a park or on a cruise ship, is an extraordinary experience that…is showing no signs of ebbing at all,” Iger assured.

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