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At the upcoming dinner celebration on June 8, the ArtCenter College of Design will bestow its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award upon none other than the legendary Bob Gurr. As the world’s only living original Disneyland Imagineer, Bob Gurr (BS 52 Transportation Design) has made an indelible impact on society through his incredible designs.

For nearly four decades, Bob Gurr has been the mastermind behind over 100 attractions that have “moved” Disney theme park guests worldwide. His journey from an industrial design student at ArtCenter to an alumnus hired by the Ford Motor Company led him straight into the imaginative world of Walt Disney, who recruited Bob for Disneyland’s construction. Little did anyone know that this would be the beginning of a legacy that would shape the magical experiences of millions.

Bob’s contributions to Disney history are nothing short of iconic. From the Autopia cars and the Monorail to the Matterhorn Bobsleds, his inventive spirit has touched many beloved rides. He was also pivotal in developing Disney’s most sophisticated 1964 Animatronics figure, Abraham Lincoln. Beyond Disney, Bob’s talents engineered the giant King Kong for Universal Studios’ Kongfrontation in 1986, the UFO for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics closing ceremonies, and even the Godzilla movie creature! His work also includes the thrilling pirate show at Treasure Island in Las Vegas.

As Bob Gurr prepares to receive this well-deserved honor, we at Mickey News want to celebrate his unmatched creativity and dedication. His career reflects the magic and innovation that Disney stands for. Join us in congratulating Bob on this monumental achievement!

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