Walt Disney World has officially re-entered the political arena in Central Florida, and it’s making quite the splash by supporting a familiar face. The historic feud between Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis resulted in significant changes, like the creation of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, replacing Disney’s former Reedy Creek Improvement District. However, in recent months, both sides have paused their legal skirmishes and reached a settlement.

Enter Leonard Spencer, a former Disney executive with a robust 16-year tenure at the company, aiming to secure a seat in the Florida House District 45. This district famously encompasses much of the Walt Disney World Resort and contains a large number of Disney employees. Spencer’s deep ties to the company, where he once worked as a finance manager and later as director of supplier diversity and sustainability, position him well for this political battleground.

Spencer’s opponent, Carolina Amesty, isn’t without her own share of headlines. Known for her close alliance with Governor DeSantis and having sponsored the bill that created the new oversight district, Amesty has recently been engulfed in controversy over a lawsuit regarding coverage of her family’s private school by the Orlando Sentinel. Despite these issues, her political clout remains significant, having won her last election by a narrow margin.

This election is shaping up to be quite competitive, given the closely divided political leanings of the district’s electorate and the recent presidential election data showing a slight Democratic preference. But with Disney’s strategic support and financial backing, Spencer might have an ace up his sleeve.

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