At Disney, the enchantment extends beyond the screen and our beloved parks; it touches the hearts of our employees and their families. Today, The Walt Disney Company is basking in a moment of pride, having earned the #11 spot on the “Top 100 Adoption-Friendly Workplaces” list, an accolade that reflects our unwavering support for families.

This prestigious recognition comes from the Dave Thomas Foundation, a nonprofit committed to locating permanent homes for children in foster care across the U.S. and Canada. Each year, they spotlight organizations leading the way in making adoption resources accessible and affordable for employees. We are thrilled to share that once again, Disney has secured a top position, reinforcing our dedication to family care within our U.S. workforce.

“We are honored that Disney has once again been recognized as a Top Adoption-Friendly Workplace. The heartbeat of our collective human experience is the family. Disney’s family care program is one of the many benefits we offer our employees to help support and nurture their loved ones,” expressed Pascale Thomas, VP of Employee Benefits & Well-Being.

From offering substantial adoption benefits to providing support resources, Disney remains deeply committed to fostering a nurturing environment where families can thrive. This recognition is not just a testament to our policies but also to the empathetic culture we continue to cultivate.

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