The world of Disney Parks is set to undergo exciting changes in the coming years, with a strategic shift towards focusing on intellectual property (IP)-based attractions and lands. This revelation came directly from Disney CEO Bob Iger during the MoffettNathanson Media and Communications Summit on May 15th. Iger, a vision-driven leader, provided insights into the future of Disney Parks, where almost all investments will revolve around Disney’s richly diverse IP collection.

In his discussion with Michael Nathanson, Iger underscored how leveraging beloved IPs has consistently delivered impressive returns on invested capital. Historically, new attractions either relied on outdated IPs or were entirely unrelated to any. However, a remarkable transformation began with the introduction of attractions like Cars Land and Toy Story Land. “It’s very, very clear what that delivers,” Iger emphasized, signifying the unmistakable success and guest engagement these IP-themed attractions bring.

Disney Parks’ strategy of utilizing its expansive library of characters and stories promises a vibrant future. Just around the corner, Walt Disney World will unveil a fresh retheme of a classic flume ride inspired by “The Princess and the Frog.” Concurrently, Tokyo DisneySea is set to launch a themed port, featuring the enchantments of “Frozen,” “Peter Pan,” and “Tangled.” These developments affirm Iger’s confidence in the ever-growing appeal of Disney’s storytelling.

Iger also highlighted the timeless nature of Disney’s magic, whether experienced at a theme park or aboard a Disney cruise. “The experience we deliver is extraordinary, and the value shows no signs of ebbing at all,” he stated, reinforcing the company’s dedication to creating unparalleled experiences that resonate deeply with guests.

The future of Disney Parks is undeniably bright, brimming with iconic stories and characters ready to captivate audiences worldwide. We invite you, our beloved readers, to share your thoughts on Disney’s exciting direction in the comments below. What IP-based attractions are you most eager to experience? Let’s keep the conversation going and spread the magic by sharing this exciting news!

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