An exciting milestone is unfolding at Disney’s U.S. theme parks as they usher in their first Black Disney princess—Tiana from the 2009 animated classic, “The Princess and the Frog”—through the new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure attraction. This groundbreaking ride, which opens on June 28 at Walt Disney World in Florida and later this year at Disneyland in California, replaces the beloved but controversial Splash Mountain.

Guests can still expect the exhilarating log-flume experience that Splash Mountain was known for, but with an enchanting twist inspired by 1920s New Orleans. Imagineers have skillfully transformed the ride’s layout with vibrant music, lush scenery, and delightful animatronic characters that embody the spirit of “The Princess and the Frog.”

“For little Black girls, Tiana has meant a lot. When a little child can see somebody who looks like them, that matters,” shared Neal Lester, an English professor at Arizona State University. This sentiment underscores the importance of representation in media and theme parks, reflecting Disney’s ongoing commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

This transformation comes amid a broader reimagining of Disney’s attractions to ensure they resonate positively with modern audiences. Disney Parks have been active in addressing outdated themes, such as revamping Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean rides to remove insensitive depictions.

Carmen Smith, a senior vice president for creative development at Walt Disney Imagineering, emphasizes the goal: “We never want to perpetuate stereotypes or misconceptions. Our intention is to tell great stories.” Charita Carter, a leading figure in the attraction’s development, adds, “Society does change, and we develop different sensibilities. We focus our stories differently depending on what our society needs.”

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*(Adapted from an article by Mike Schneider for the Associated Press)*

Original Source: [AP News](https://apnews.com/article/Disney-Tiana-Ride-Splash-Mountain-Film-Racism)