Excitement surrounding Disney’s stock has been on the rise as The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) saw its stock price increase by 0.5% on Wednesday, reaching a high of $103.83 before closing at $103.56. The day’s trading volume of 1,946,527 shares was notably lower than the average session volume of 11,950,749 shares.

In recent developments, several research analysts have shared their perspectives on Disney’s stock. Guggenheim raised their price target from $125.00 to $140.00, awarding Disney with a “buy” rating. Redburn Atlantic also changed its outlook, upgrading Disney from a “sell” to a “neutral” rating with a target price of $100.00. Rosenblatt Securities increased its target price slightly from $129.00 to $137.00, maintaining a “buy” rating. Tigress Financial reiterated its “buy” rating with a price objective of $136.00. Furthermore, Morgan Stanley lifted their price objective from $110.00 to $135.00, assigning an “overweight” rating.

Disney’s latest earnings report, released on May 7th, revealed an earnings per share (EPS) of $1.21, surpassing the analysts’ consensus estimate of $1.12 by $0.09. Notably, Disney’s revenue for the quarter was $22.08 billion, a slight increase from $22.12 billion in the same quarter the previous year. Analysts forecast that Disney will post an EPS of 4.76 for the current year, demonstrating steady growth.

The insider trading landscape at Disney includes notable transactions such as Executive Vice President Sonia L. Coleman selling 1,857 shares at an average price of $121.92, amounting to $226,405.44. Following this sale, Coleman now holds 4,400 shares in the company. Additionally, Director James P. Gorman purchased 20,000 shares at an average cost of $106.03 each, totaling $2,120,600.00.

Interestingly, institutional investors have shown increased activity in Disney’s stock. Several hedge funds have recently modified their positions, including ESL Trust Services LLC and Planned Solutions Inc., signaling a renewed interest and confidence in Disney’s future.

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