This past week, a pivotal move shook the foundations of Disneyland Resort, shining a spotlight on its dedicated cast members. These magical makers, the costumed characters we adore, have voted to join the Actor’s Equity Association, aligning themselves with their peers at Walt Disney World. This decision follows recent protests by Disney World cast members that culminated in a new contract for workers in Central Florida, highlighting the growing solidarity among Disney employees.

But what drives these performers to unionize? While the straightforward answer is often “money,” the reality is far more nuanced. Each cast member brings a unique story of what working at Disney means to them and what they hope to achieve through unionization. Leading up to the vote, Magic United shared gripping videos of cast members recounting their experiences — injuries from outfits, the joy of making guests smile, and, importantly, the struggle to make ends meet.

Courtney Griffin, a parade performer since 2015, has deep roots in Disneyland, following in her mother’s footsteps. Despite her love for the job, Griffin shares the physical toll it has taken, recounting back and shoulder injuries. Her mother, a former parade performer, faced similar hardships, resulting in lifelong scars.

For many, the desire to stay and the passion for creating magic for visitors overtakes the harsh realities. However, with the average cost of living in Anaheim significantly higher than their earnings, many cast members find themselves taking on second jobs or enduring long commutes. Sadly, the realities of living conditions force some to sleep in their cars due to unaffordable housing and demanding schedules.

Turning our gaze to Walt Disney World cast members, they face similar battles despite better union support. Florida’s recent legislative changes, influenced by Disney, have loosened heat protections and extended dangerous work allowances for teenagers, posing new challenges for these workers. Both Disneyland and Disney World cast members share the common struggle of financial strain and inadequate living conditions.

As Abigail Disney, granddaughter of Roy Disney, suggests, a straightforward solution might be better wages. However, this could impact the cost of the magical experiences we cherish. What do you think is the best way forward for Disney and its cast members?

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