At the 2024 Disney Upfront event in New York City’s North Javits, The Walt Disney Company once again dazzled the world with its storytelling prowess and technological innovation. Glimmering with the presence of over 150 of the entertainment industry’s most illustrious stars, the Upfront underscored Disney’s unparalleled ability to weave nostalgia and cutting-edge creativity into every aspect of its vast ecosystem.

Introducing the event, the remarkable two-time Oscar winner Emma Stone set the stage for a monumental appearance by Disney’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Iger. Reflecting on Disney’s enduring legacy and future prospects, Iger exuded confidence, remarking, “Disney is the embodiment of creative excellence, of great and bold storytelling, of quality, and innovation.”

Rita Ferro, President of Global Advertising Sales, followed with an electrifying presentation. Reinforced by a playful animated intro from Family Guy, Ferro highlighted Disney’s unique reach, stating, “One in two people connect with Disney around the world every single day.” Ferro further showcased Disney’s innovative approach to enhancing the advertiser and fan experience, stressing the importance of the Disney ecosystem’s role in unifying these moments.

The event was peppered with memorable quotes from a stellar lineup of Disney’s stars. Ellen Pompeo praised Disney+ for housing the strongest streaming catalog, while Stephen A. Smith proudly remarked on ESPN’s Tiktok dominance, asserting, “We’re the most followed brand — not just sports brand — but brand on TikTok. What other 45-year-old brand can say that?” Angela Bassett also took to the stage, spotlighting Hulu’s significant female audience.

As the event drew to a close, Marvel fans were treated to exciting announcements and premiere dates for the much-anticipated series Agatha All Along and Daredevil: Born Again. The secrets kept the audience on the edge of their seats, particularly during a special look at Ironheart, set to arrive on Disney+ next year.

Rounding off the event with his signature wit, Jimmy Kimmel’s fiery roast left the attendees in splits, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Disney’s annual Upfront. “Remember when Netflix thought they were above all this? They came in — destroyed commercial television — and now — guess what they want to sell you? Commercials on television.”

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