Disney’s Dedication to Empowering HBCU Students in Entertainment

The Walt Disney Company thrives on fresh perspectives from diverse backgrounds to bring authenticity to its storytelling. David, a digital video content associate at ESPN, is one such storyteller. His journey with Disney has been a testament to its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“My production pitches never went unnoticed, and most of them came to life,” David recalls. “Pitching ideas to executives can be nerve-wracking, but I never once felt like I was just another intern or the only African American in the room.” David’s passion for inspiration and education found a perfect home at Disney, a company that aligns seamlessly with his personal convictions.

David’s journey started at Texas Southern University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in Houston, where he learned perseverance and innovation. “As an HBCU graduate, you understand the true meaning of perseverance,” David asserts. “Making do with what you have trains you to think outside the box and creates a hunger to achieve greatness.” This experience prepared him well for his role at ESPN, where attention to detail and an innovative mindset are paramount.

Since 2019, Disney on the Yard has been fostering a network of HBCU professionals, affording them opportunities through events, mentorship, and educational programs. David, one of the initial mentees in the mentoring program, found these initiatives instrumental in proving his worth and belongs to the Disney family. He encourages other HBCU students to follow in his footsteps with confidence, hard work, prayer, and a strong professional network.

David believes firmly in the growing pipeline of HBCU talent to Disney. “The pipeline of HBCU talent to The Walt Disney Company has increased as the years pass, and I’m proud to be a part of the journey,” he says. For those aspiring to make their mark at Disney, he advises, “It’s not about who you know; it’s about who knows YOU.”

Ready to start your own Disney story? Visit [Disney Careers](https://jobs.disneycareers.com/) to learn more and apply today! And for those passionate about fostering HBCU talent, check out [Disney On The Yard’s dedication](https://pages.beamery.com/waltdisney/page/doty) to providing meaningful experiences and connections.

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*Sources and image credits available at the original article on [Life at Disney](https://sites.disney.com/lifeatdisney/).*