It looks like the anticipation for Disney’s live-action *Hercules* is ramping up with a twist that might surprise many! While fans speculated Ariana Grande would take on the role of the fierce and witty Megara, new reports suggest Disney might have another star in its sights. It seems our Greek hero’s love interest might be played by none other than pop sensation Dua Lipa!

The live-action *Hercules*, led by producers Joe and Anthony Russo, famous for their work on *Avengers: Endgame*, promises to be unique. Unlike many Disney adaptations that stick closely to the original’s charm, the Russo brothers are opting for a fresh, experimental approach, even drawing inspiration from TikTok trends. Director Guy Ritchie, who previously revamped *Aladdin*, and writer Dave Callaham (*Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings*), are set to bring this vision to life.

Since its announcement in 2020, the *Hercules* project has moved through various stages of development. While early rumors highlighted Michael B. Jordan as a contender for the mighty Hercules, the casting of Megara has kept everyone guessing. Ariana Grande’s fans championed her for the role, especially following her musical stints and appealing Disney pedigree. However, with her commitment as Glinda in the upcoming *Wicked* films, scheduling might be an issue, making room for a talented newcomer.

Dua Lipa, known for her chart-topping hits and recent acting endeavors in *Barbie* and *Argylle*, might just be what Disney needs—a fresh face yet to headline a blockbuster. Her vocal prowess and charisma could bring Megara’s complex character to life, offering a modern yet nostalgic homage to the 1997 classic.

Despite the uncertainty and the ever-shifting sands at Disney, courtesy of leadership tweaks by Bob Iger, the buzz around *Hercules* continues to grow. What do you think about this potential casting shake-up? Can you envision Dua Lipa as Megara, or do you believe Ariana is the perfect fit? Share your thoughts and dream cast for the live-action *Hercules* in the comments below, and let’s keep this exciting conversation going!

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