Sei Investments Co. Increases Stake in The Walt Disney Company

Exciting news in the Disney financial realm! Sei Investments Co. has increased its holdings in The Walt Disney Company, amassing 476,299 shares, which marks a 10.3% increase from the prior period. This substantial boost in shares, now worth about $43 million, highlights the confidence institutional investors have in Disney’s ever-expanding empire.

Several other noteworthy institutional investors also adjusted their portfolios to include more Disney magic. Greenleaf Trust upped its Disney shares by 6.2%, while Alliance Wealth Advisors LLC UT and Ellevest Inc. also registered notable increases. It seems everyone wants a piece of the enchanted pie that continues to bring joy to millions worldwide.

Walt Disney’s stock performance remains robust, opening at $102.76 recently. With a 52-week range spanning from $78.73 to $123.74, the company’s financial health mirrors its diverse entertainment and media offerings. Boasting a market cap of $187.34 billion and a stable P/E ratio, Disney is well-positioned for future growth.

On the earnings front, Disney reported an outstanding $1.21 earnings per share for the last quarter, exceeding analysts’ expectations. With revenues reaching an impressive $22.08 billion, the magic continues to flow through its financial results. Analysts now predict Disney will close the year with a strong EPS of 4.76, reinforcing the company’s resilient and dynamic business model.

Interestingly, insider activity is also making headlines. Director James P. Gorman recently purchased 20,000 shares, showcasing a vote of confidence from within. Meanwhile, EVP Sonia L. Coleman sold 4,400 shares. Such movements by company insiders often spark intrigue and indicate a thriving corporate environment.

Analysts remain bullish on Disney’s future, with many reiterating “buy” ratings and projecting the stock to climb. Needham & Company LLC, Morgan Stanley, and Argus champion Disney’s stock, with targets soaring as high as $145.00. This optimism underscores Disney’s pioneering vision and ever-evolving content portfolio.

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(Source: Defense World, MarketBeat)