Disney Magic Transforms as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Takes Over!

Greetings, Disney fans! Exciting news from the enchanting world of Magic Kingdom, where an iconic ride is about to make way for an all-new, magical experience. Get ready to embark on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which opens later this month, replacing the beloved Splash Mountain.

On June 28, Disney’s Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will make its grand debut, ushering guests into the vibrant world of Princess Tiana, inspired by the 2009 animated film “The Princess and the Frog.” This fresh take on the classic log-flume ride reimagines the experience set in 1920s New Orleans, maintaining the thrilling 50-foot plunge that fans of Splash Mountain remember so fondly.

The transition from Splash Mountain marks a significant moment for Disney, reflecting their commitment to inclusivity and cultural representation. The previous ride, which drew from the 1946 film “Song of the South,” faced backlash due to its dated and controversial themes. In a nearly poetic turn, Tiana’s story is woven with meticulous attention to the true spirit of New Orleans, offering a heartfelt homage to its rich culture. Disney Imagineers consulted with local artists and musicians, creating a truly immersive experience, with an original theme song “Special Spice” crafted by New Orleans native PJ Morton.

Walking through the entrance, fans will notice charming details like Tiana’s to-do list and a reminiscent nod to Splash Mountain with figurines of old characters. With smells of Tiana’s beignets wafting through thanks to Disney’s clever “Smelltilizer” technology, you might find yourself craving some. In true Disney fashion, every part of the queue, including a kitchen exhibit with Tiana’s recipes, is packed with delightful touches.

As you glide through the Bayou in the company of Tiana and Louis the trumpet-playing alligator, expect to encounter vibrant critters and magical moments. Mama Odie’s magical intervention shrinks you to the size of a frog, only to have you rejoin the lively Mardi Gras finale with Tiana and friends, dancing to “Special Spice” alongside jazzy renditions from the film’s soundtrack.

For merchandise lovers, the new “Critter Co-Op” shop will offer themed goodies just after the ride’s opening. You can also pick up items like Dooky Chase seasonings, bringing a taste of New Orleans home with you.

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