Big News for Sports Fans! Venu Sports Set for Fall Launch

Excitement is building as Disney, alongside media partners FOX and Warner Bros. Discovery, unveils a groundbreaking sports streaming service: Venu Sports! Marking its first online appearance this fall, Venu Sports promises to be the ultimate haven for live sports enthusiasts.

The newly-named Venu Sports aims to redefine sports streaming. “We are thrilled to introduce Venu Sports—a brand that embodies the spirit of a dynamic new platform where sports lovers beyond traditional TV can access an incredible array of live sports, all in one spot,” said Pete Distad, CEO of Venu Sports Streaming Service. Distad further emphasized that the focus is on delivering a top-tier product, crafted from the foundation using the latest technological advancements to enhance the viewing experience.

The service will bring together highly sought-after live sports events from some of the world’s top leagues and teams. Imagine catching all your favorite matches in one place—no more flipping through channels!

This development follows the trend of major entertainment companies like Disney moving into the streaming sector, especially as viewers continue to drift away from conventional cable TV. Recently, both Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery revealed plans for a new bundle service this summer, which will combine Disney’s Hulu and Disney+ with Warner’s Max app. (Source: [ABC7 Chicago](

Set to launch this fall, Venu Sports appears poised to make a significant splash. Disney, the parent company of ESPN, is leading this charge into the sports streaming arena with a commitment to delivering high-quality, uninterrupted live sports coverage.

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(Source: [ABC7 Chicago](