Mickey Explorers, gather ’round! Here’s the latest scoop on our beloved Walt Disney Company, straight from the world of financial magic.

MUFG Securities EMEA plc has amassed a considerable number of Walt Disney shares, boosting their stake by a whopping 726.7% during the fourth quarter! They now own a dazzling 248,859 shares, valued at around $22.5 million, making Disney their 19th largest holding. This isn’t just idle chatter; it’s a serious commitment to one of the world’s most enchanting brands!

But MUFG isn’t the only one with a growing passion for Disney. Other deep-pocketed investors have also been busy, such as Avitas Wealth Management, which upped its Disney stake by 2.2%, and WNY Asset Management, which added an impressive 32.8% more Disney magic to its portfolio.

Disney’s stock is also casting a spell on the markets, trading up to $101.76 recently with a robust market cap of $185.51 billion. And it’s not just the stock price that’s enchanting; Disney reported better-than-expected quarterly earnings, with a sweet surprise of $1.21 per share, beating analysts’ estimates.

Wall Street wizards like Morgan Stanley and Loop Capital have set high price targets, believing in Disney’s continued ascent. Morgan Stanley even raised its target to $135, while others like Needham & Company foresee a stellar $145 valuation.

In insider news, Disney Director James P. Gorman snapped up 20,000 shares, showing his confidence in the company’s future. On the flip side, EVP Sonia L. Coleman sold some shares but remains a key player in the company’s narrative.

Disney fans and investors alike, what are your thoughts? Will Disney continue to soar, producing more magic for shareholders? Share your dreams and predictions in the comments below!

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(Original source: MarketBeat)