ORLANDO, Fla. – Big news is on the horizon for Disney fans! The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District’s board members, who now include appointees of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are gearing up for a crucial meeting tonight. At 7:30 p.m., they will determine whether to give the final go-ahead for an exciting multibillion-dollar expansion at Walt Disney World.

Just last week, a significant milestone was achieved when the board members gave initial approval to a new development agreement. This agreement was reached after Disney and the district came to a settlement back in March, ending their ongoing state court disputes.

The proposed 15-year deal marks a transformative chapter for Disney World. Under its terms, Disney will have the green light to establish a fifth major theme park and two additional minor parks, possibly water parks, within the next decade or two. Additionally, the company will be empowered to expand its hotel capacity from nearly 40,000 rooms to over 53,000 rooms and increase its retail and restaurant space by more than 20%. To maintain the magical ambiance Disney is renowned for, the company will retain control over building heights.

Interestingly, the deal also includes concessions from Disney’s side. They are committed to donating up to 100 acres of their massive 24,000-acre property for infrastructure projects managed by the district. Moreover, at least half of Disney’s construction projects will go to Florida-based companies, and Disney will invest at least $10 million in affordable housing for the central Florida region.

It’s a compelling reminder of how Disney continues to evolve, consistently offering more magic and excitement. What are your thoughts on this ambitious expansion plan? Share your comments below and don’t forget to spread the magic by sharing this story! 🌟

(Source: Associated Press)