Exciting news for Mickey fans and Disney investors alike! The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) has recently received an average recommendation of “Moderate Buy” from 25 research firms, according to MarketBeat. With only one analyst giving a “sell” rating and two opting for “hold,” the overwhelming majority, a whopping 22 analysts, recommend buying Disney’s stock. The consensus 12-month price target is set at an optimistic $126.29.

Various firms have shared their insights on Disney’s stock. Raymond James boosted their target price from $112.00 to $128.00, highlighting Disney’s strong performance. Daiwa Capital Markets and Tigress Financial have echoed bullish sentiments, setting targets at $133.00 and $136.00, respectively. Meanwhile, Bank of America stands out with a peak price forecast of $145.00. Even Macquarie, opting for a more reserved “neutral” rating, nudged their target up to $107.00.

Adding to the buzz, Disney Director James P. Gorman made headlines by purchasing 20,000 shares at $106.03 each, a transaction worth over $2.1 million. This move, officially filed with the SEC, signals strong internal confidence. The same sentiment was echoed by Executive Vice President Sonia L. Coleman, who sold 4,400 shares for a tidy sum of $466,400.

Institutional interest is also on the rise. Avitas Wealth Management LLC, WNY Asset Management LLC, and several other investment firms have recently increased their holdings in Disney. Collectively, institutional investors now own 65.71% of Disney’s stock. With a 52-week high of $123.74 and recent trading at approximately $101.76, Disney continues to be a central player in portfolio strategies.

Disney’s latest quarterly earnings report speaks volumes as well. Beating earnings estimates, Disney reported $1.21 per share against the anticipated $1.12. Quarterly revenue hit $22.08 billion, marking a year-over-year increase of 1.2%, reiterating Disney’s resilience and growth trajectory.

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