Get ready, Disney fans! The magical world of Disney is coming to life in an exciting new exhibit at Union Station in Kansas City, opening this Friday. Marking the Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary, the Disney 100 exhibit has been meticulously curated over four years to celebrate a century of unparalleled animation, storytelling, and innovation.

Union Station will hold over 250 artifacts that trace Walt Disney’s incredible journey, showcasing how he became the most influential animator the world has ever known. The exhibit is designed to be interactive, featuring film clips and beloved Disney songs. Each artifact offers a glimpse into Disney’s storied past, and Becky Cline, the Director of Walt Disney Archives, shared that curating the collection was both a challenge and a joyful journey. “Finding 250 or so objects to tell the whole story of 100 years of Walt Disney is a challenge, and it was really fun though. And all these pieces are so amazing and each one tells its own story,” Cline said.

The Disney 100 exhibit is more than just static displays; it’s a heartfelt celebration that encourages visitors of all ages to reminisce and relive cherished Disney memories while discovering new ones. Whether you’re five or ninety-five, the magic of Disney promises to captivate and inspire.

Opening this Friday, the exhibit will be available at Union Station through the end of November. Tickets are reasonably priced between $18.50 and $25, making it an accessible outing for families and Disney aficionados alike. Interested in securing your tickets? Head over to to make sure you don’t miss this enchanting experience.

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