After a Year’s Hiatus, Fantasmic! Lights Up Disneyland Once Again

Disneyland fans, mark your calendars! This Friday, the ever-enchanting Fantasmic! returns to enchant guests at the Happiest Place on Earth, following an unfortunate hiatus due to a fire incident in April 2023.

As the night paints the sky, the revamped Fantasmic! show will once again illuminate the Rivers of America. This beloved spectacle, a cornerstone of Disneyland’s nighttime entertainment, has been meticulously enhanced with all-new special effects that promise to dazzle even the most regular visitors. Notably, the iconic duel between Sorcerer Mickey and Maleficent has been updated with more thrilling choreography and surprises that will leave audiences spellbound.

But that’s not all! Classic scenes that star Peter Pan and Wendy clashing swords with the notorious Captain Hook aboard a shimmering pirate ship will once again bring gasps and cheers. The blend of water, fire, and fireworks set to Disney’s unforgettable music promises an immersive experience that will make you believe in magic all over again.

For those looking to elevate their experience, Disneyland offers exclusive Fantasmic! dining packages. These packages provide premiere seating along with exquisite meals, ensuring that you witness the spectacle from the best seats in the house.

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The Walt Disney Company, owner of Disneyland and this ABC station, ensures that magic is always right around the corner. Catch the magic live and relive the fantasy this Friday!

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