In a surprising turn of events that has captured national attention, Governor Ron DeSantis has announced a substantial $200 million increase in teacher salaries in Florida. This boost comes on the heels of a highly publicized dispute between DeSantis and The Walt Disney Company, which had significant implications for education and politics in the Sunshine State.

The kerfuffle started when Disney, under then-CEO Bob Chapek, took a stand against the Parental Rights in Education Act. This controversial legislation, often labeled the “Don’t Say Gay” law, sparked intense debate and was seen as an attack on LGBTQIA+ inclusion and rights within schools. Although Chapek initially aimed for a quiet, behind-the-scenes approach, mounting pressure led Disney to publicly oppose the bill, placing the company at odds with the governor and setting off months of legal and social turmoil.

Fast forward to today, and it seems DeSantis and Disney have managed to find common ground. Despite the bitter exchanges and courtroom battles, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight Board (previously the Reedy Creek Improvement District) and Disney are now collaborating on ambitious projects in the Orlando area. This unexpected synergy marks a notable pivot from their previous hostilities.

However, the end of the feud does not mean an end to education challenges for Florida. In a recent press conference at the City of Hialeah Educational Academy, Governor DeSantis celebrated the salary increase but also took the opportunity to critique teacher unions. His remarks underscored ongoing tensions around the support structures for educators in Florida, a state that ranks near the bottom in teacher pay nationally.

As Florida’s educational landscape continues to evolve, we would love to hear your thoughts on these developments. How do you feel about the recent salary increases and the impact of the Disney-DeSantis feud on education? Share your opinions in the comments below, and don’t forget to spread the word by sharing this story!

For more detailed information, you can refer to the original reporting by the Florida Phoenix and Inside the Magic.