In a delightful twist for Disney fans and design enthusiasts alike, former Walt Disney Imagineering marvel Ann Morrow Johnson is taking her magic to Gensler. This renowned design and architecture firm has added Johnson to its team, where she will shine as the Design Director and Global Entertainment Leader for their Entertainment and Experience Design Practice.

Ann Morrow Johnson brings with her a treasure trove of experience from her time as the Global Head of Creative Development at Walt Disney Imagineering. Joining hands with Lexi Barry, Johnson is set to co-lead this global practice, promising an infusion of innovative storytelling and immersive experience design. It’s an exciting leap that underscores Johnson’s unparalleled expertise and vision in the realm of imaginative design and architectural excellence.

Bob Weis, who also transitioned from Disney to Gensler and now serves as an Entertainment Leader for the firm, shared his enthusiasm for this new chapter. “Ann Morrow Johnson is the creative leader the Gensler Entertainment Practice needs at this moment as we continue to see exciting growth and momentum,” Weis said. “Her extensive global experience in immersive experience design and storytelling, coupled with a solid foundation in development strategy and architecture, makes her one of the industry’s most sought-after leaders. As Gensler continues to influence the world with innovative design, I am confident that Ann Morrow will be an integral part of our future success.”

For those who thrive on the magical journey of Disney and its alumni, this news is sure to spark curiosity and anticipation. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Ann Morrow Johnson’s new role at Gensler. Could this be the dawn of new, captivating experiences? Share your comments below and join the conversation!

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