Mickey fans, gather ’round! An exciting development is on the horizon for Walt Disney World in Florida. This week, Disney and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have finally left their differences behind, leading to the unanimous approval of Disney World’s significant expansion plan by the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

This landmark agreement unlocks a treasure trove of magical growth for Disney’s Florida oasis, promising to bring in a fifth major amusement park among other ambitious ventures. The deal mandates Disney to invest a minimum of $8 billion into the Florida complex over the next decade. What’s more, Disney will channel almost half of its staggering $17 billion budget pledge for the state, ensuring this expansion truly transforms Walt Disney World.

Disney’s expansive vision doesn’t just stop at new attractions. They’ll also focus on building more affordable housing and making sure that at least 50% of the investment benefits Florida-based companies. Imagine more fantastic themed lands, two new water parks, new retail and office spaces, and up to 14,000 extra hotel rooms, bringing the total to nearly 54,000 rooms packed with pixie dust.

Jeff Vahle, president of Walt Disney World Resort, shared his enthusiasm in a statement celebrating this agreement as a catalyst for growth and enriched guest experiences. “This new development agreement paves the way for us to invest billions of dollars in Walt Disney World Resort, supporting the growth of this global destination, fueling the Florida economy, and allowing us to deliver even more memorable and extraordinary experiences for our guests,” Vahle stated.

Board member Brian Aungst echoed Vahle’s excitement, emphasizing Walt Disney World’s integral role in Central Florida’s fabric. His counterpart, Charbel Barakat, took a moment to appreciate Governor DeSantis’ relentless efforts in securing this deal, highlighting the collaborative spirit behind this massive undertaking.

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For more detailed coverage, check out the original article on [Voz.us](https://voz.us/disney-and-desantis-officially-bury-the-hatchet-the-entertainment-giants-expansion-plan-is-finally-approved/?lang=en).