One of the standout highlights of this year is undeniably Jenny Nicholson’s sprawling four-hour YouTube review of her stay at Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. Initially, even I was skeptical when my partner recommended it, but boy, was I in for a surprise. Titled “The Spectacular Failure of the Star Wars Hotel,” Nicholson’s video isn’t just a critique; it’s a compelling narrative that dives into her intricate experience at the now-closed hotel, pulling in over seven million views and sparking widespread conversation.

Jenny Nicholson’s video delves into an array of shortcomings of the Galactic Starcruiser, a Disney World hotel near Orlando, Florida. Guests were promised an immersive experience where they’d partake in a live-action role-playing adventure, reenacting battles between the Resistance and the First Order amidst a setting designed to replicate a grand spaceship. Despite the high expectations and grand design, Nicholson’s review highlights a series of flaws, showcasing her genuine frustration with the experience.

Yet, what makes Nicholson’s review so captivating isn’t just the content but her delivery. Set against a backdrop teeming with stuffed animals and occasionally dressed in quirky costumes (including a giant Porg suit), she narrates her journey with wit and insight. Her storytelling prowess shines through, making her critique resonate beyond just Disney enthusiasts. She emerges as a modern-day bard, weaving a tale that reflects broader issues in the entertainment industry, such as the tendency of corporate entities to prioritize profit over enriching experiences.

The Galactic Starcruiser opened back in 2022, promising a unique “two-night adventure” that was akin to a cruise but held firmly on land. With actors portraying characters and interactive apps guiding the guests, the hotel aimed to transport visitors to a galaxy far, far away. Despite these promises, Jenny’s review sheds light on how reality often fell short of expectation, offering a microcosm of how sometimes grand visions in entertainment falter in execution.

Nicholson’s monologue resonates as a clarion call to entertainment companies to prioritize the authentic experience of their ardent fanbases over mere profitability. Her critique exemplifies a broader sentiment among fans and serves as a reminder of the importance of delivering on promises, especially for beloved franchises like Star Wars.

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