Los Angeles — Marvel’s “Echo” has taken the Disney+ viewers by storm with its raw intensity and gripping storyline. It’s no surprise that this breakout series is now being anticipated for multiple Emmy nominations in 2024. The series, featuring Alaqua Cox as the extraordinary Maya Lopez, has captivated audiences and critics alike.

Introduced in Disney+’s “Hawkeye,” Maya Lopez, a fierce and skilled fighter, returns in “Echo” to explore her Native American roots and confront her tumultuous past with Kingpin, portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio. Their complex and emotional connection is at the heart of the series. “He’s such an amazing actor to work with,” Cox shared through an interpreter, reflecting on her experience with D’Onofrio.

The portrayal of Maya Lopez brings a significant representation, spotlighting Indigenous communities and offering a powerful narrative. “She’s an amputee. She’s deaf. She’s a newcomer to this whole acting thing,” D’Onofrio explained, emphasizing the importance of her role. “She represents this huge community of Indigenous people. You know, it’s such an amazing thing.”

Streaming exclusively on Disney+, “Echo” is not just a tale of heroism but also a story of personal and cultural exploration. It’s no wonder it has climbed the ranks as one of the most-watched Marvel series this year.

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