Hey Disney fans! Today, we’re taking a magical carpet ride through history to recall the grand opening of a beloved attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom: The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

It was on a sunny day, May 23, 2001, when Adventureland welcomed its newest addition—a whimsical ride inspired by the Disney’s 1992 animated masterpiece, **Aladdin**. This family-friendly attraction invites guests to soar high and low in their very own magic carpets, promising a flight over Agrabah like no other!

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin isn’t just any spinning ride—its immersive design takes guests straight into the heart of Aladdin’s enchanting world. With 16 magic carpets revolving around a spectacular central Genie’s lamp that playfully sprays water, riders can control their altitude to dodge jets of water from camel statues below. It’s a delight for both kids and adults, blending daring thrills with magical charm.

The opening ceremony captured the essence of the Aladdin film, featuring appearances by beloved characters such as Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie. This exhilarating addition significantly enhanced Adventureland, adding a vibrant, family-friendly ride to the mix of Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean, and strengthening the overall allure for younger audiences and families.

Did you know? The Magic Carpets of Aladdin has its magical counterparts across the globe! In 2002, Disneyland Paris unveiled its rendition, **Flying Carpets Over Agrabah**. Situated in the Walt Disney Studios Park, this version makes you feel like a star on an actual movie set, whisking you through the cinematic representation of Agrabah. Meanwhile, Tokyo DisneySea introduced its own spellbinding version, **Jasmine’s Flying Carpets**, in 2011. Nestled in the Arabian Coast area, it emphasizes Princess Jasmine and offers spectacular views of the park, enriching the narrative with Middle Eastern mythical flair.

Have you experienced the magic of Aladdin’s flying carpets at any of the Disney parks? Share your magical moments in the comments below and don’t forget to spread the enchantment by sharing this story with your friends. Arabian nights await! 🌙✨