Walt Disney World has long been a destination synonymous with family fun, but occasionally, even the happiest place on earth is disrupted by unforeseen events.

On a recent Thursday, a peculiar incident unfolded involving a guest who seemed uninterested in the park’s family-friendly reputation. A woman staying at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel decided to expose herself to a ferryboat packed with visitors, including many children, on their way to EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As the ferryboat docked, the woman, situated in a corner room, opened her curtains and “basked in the full sun of a beautiful morning,” according to a Reddit post by user u/freighter79, leaving many parents scrambling to shield their kids’ eyes.

Disruptive behavior at Disney parks isn’t entirely new. Last summer, another incident raised eyebrows when a father allowed his toddler to urinate on the “it’s a small world” ride, to the dismay of fellow guests. Previous altercations include a heated brawl between two families at the entrance to Magic Kingdom Park, resulting in both parties being permanently banned.

The Dolphin Hotel, although situated on Disney property, is not owned by The Walt Disney Company. Rather, it is one of the few third-party accommodations available, offering a Deluxe Resort experience for a Moderate hotel price.

The reactions to the latest incident were mixed, with some guests finding humor in it, while others were understandably upset over the exposure. Responses on Reddit ranged from sarcastic remarks about the “wait time for this attraction” to concern over the inappropriate display visible to children.

For now, it’s unclear if the woman faced any consequences for her actions, but Disney Parks have procedures for reporting such incidents to ensure guest safety and maintain the magical environment.

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