Have you ever wandered through Disneyland Resort and marveled at how seamlessly the magic comes alive day after day? The unsung heroes making this possible are the dedicated members of the Facilities Operations Services team. These behind-the-scenes magicians ensure that everything at Disneyland Resort operates as smoothly as Walt Disney envisioned. Today, we take a peek into the fascinating world of these indispensable cast members and uncover the enchanting perks awaiting those who join their ranks.

The Facilities Operations Services team offers a diverse array of opportunities for individuals with a variety of trades and skills. “Depending on the trade that you hire into you can be more creative. You are working on attraction, vehicles and equipment that either guests or cast members will be using so safety is number one and professionalism is part of our daily routine,” shares Mike, a senior recruiter at Disneyland Resort. Roles range from Electricians, who start at $38.48 per hour and keep the magic sparkling, to Pruners, starting at $29.12 per hour, who nurture the lush greenery that envelops the park. Other vital positions include AC and Refrigeration Mechanics, Operating Engineers, and Plasterers, each contributing their expertise to maintaining Disneyland’s whimsical landscapes and essential services.

Benefits for cast members are as enchanting as the park itself. Disneyland Resort is committed to the well-being of its teams, offering comprehensive healthcare, dental, and vision coverage starting from day one. The Employee Assistance Program provides confidential support for personal and professional challenges, while legal and tax services help cast members navigate intricate matters with ease. Moreover, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives cultivate a sense of belonging through voluntary resource groups that celebrate shared identities and interests. “Using the resources that the company offers can be very helpful at building that better employee,” notes Anthony, an engineering services manager.

Endless career growth opportunities await those who join Facilities Operations Services. Through apprenticeships, certificate courses, and development programs, Disney empowers cast members to harness new skills and climb the career ladder. Anthony’s journey exemplifies this spirit: “I applied for Disney because I needed the better healthcare benefits for my family, but I chose Disney because of the company’s reputation and for further career growth.” Starting from a sound mechanic role, Anthony leveraged learning opportunities to become a certified IMAX movie projectionist and later an engineering services manager.

Beyond professional development, Disneyland Resort offers perks that make every day feel magical. Cast members enjoy complimentary access to Disney parks, allowing them and their families to create their own treasured memories. Discounts on Disney experiences and products further sweeten the deal, making it a joy to work where dreams come true.

If you’re passionate about creating unforgettable experiences and bringing joy to countless guests, consider joining the Disneyland Resort team. “Experience, trade schools, certifications, military training, and union apprenticeships all are good traits for a candidate,” Mike advises. Unlock your potential and be part of the magic that makes Disneyland Resort a treasured destination for millions.

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