Magic in the Details: Behind the Scenes of Donald Duck’s 90th Anniversary Merchandise!

Celebrate Donald Duck’s 90th anniversary with style! Disney is rolling out exclusive merchandise, from apparel to jewelry and backpacks, to honor our favorite feathered friend. We caught up with Aimee Seth and Becky Ormonde, two of the brilliant designers behind this exciting collection, to get the inside scoop!

Aimee Seth, the senior manager in product design and development, has been steering the creation of bags, backpacks, and travel accessories for Disney Consumer Products for 17 years. She started her Disney journey as an intern, gaining invaluable experience with different licensee companies before returning to Disney. Aimee and her team collaborated with Loungefly to produce a stunning Donald Duck 90th anniversary accessories collection. Seth explains, “We wanted to capture Donald’s bold swagger and iconic sailor attire, infusing elements like ship anchors and nautical ropes into the designs. One special feature on Loungefly’s bags is a lenticular panel that transforms from vintage black-and-white Donald to a modern, fully colored version.”

Becky Ormonde, also a senior manager in product design and development, has spent her Disney career across various consumer product roles. From apparel to central creative and toy branding, Becky’s journey is a testament to the versatility within Disney. Her team worked on the Donald Duck 90 Citizen watch collaboration. “Citizen is a core licensee and corporate alliance partner, frequently participating in Disney activations,” says Ormonde. Inspired by Donald’s eight-minute short ‘Donald’s Better Self,’ the watches capture his mischievous nature and iconic short temper.

As we gear up for these exciting releases, Aimee and Becky offer a peek into the creative process, which involves multiple teams and rounds of revisions to ensure every product aligns with Disney’s inspiring storytelling. The dedication to Donald Duck’s flamboyant personality and cherished antics is evident in every piece.

Eager to get your hands on these collectibles? The Donald Duck 90th Citizen watch collection will be available from August to September, perfect timing for the fall holiday season. Meanwhile, Loungefly’s captivating bags are currently available for pre-sale on their website.

What do you think about these new Donald Duck 90 products? Share your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this story with fellow Disney fans! Let’s celebrate Donald in style together!

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