Exciting news from the Walt Disney World Resort, as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure—a new attraction inspired by “The Princess and the Frog”—is set to make a grand opening on June 28! In a touching tribute, the ride will delve into a lesser-known aspect of Tiana’s family history, focusing on her father, James, and his military service during World War I.

For those who remember, Tiana’s dad, James, was characterized as a patriotic WWI veteran. Thanks to a brilliant collaboration between Disney Animation and Walt Disney Imagineering, fans will now get a deeper look into his story. Executive Creative Director Ted Robledo from Walt Disney Imagineering expressed his excitement over expanding James’ backstory. “Our team was inspired to honor veterans through James’ story,” Robledo shared. “We wanted to ensure that the portrayal was authentic and relatable, resonating with the many military families who visit our parks.”

To achieve this authenticity, the Imagineering team meticulously referenced historical photos, primarily focusing on those of the 369th Regiment. This all-African American unit was renowned for its valor and earned the prestigious Croix de Guerre medal from the French government. The new photos released for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure aim to accurately represent the bravery and heritage of such soldiers, ensuring a respectful and realistic tribute.

As fans eagerly anticipate the ride’s opening, it’s clear that Disney’s commitment to honoring military service—rooted in the legacies of founders Walt and Roy O. Disney—endures. This heartfelt expansion of Tiana’s story not only enriches the character’s background but also adds an inspiring layer to her tale of perseverance and dreams.

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For more information on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and to see the newly released photos, check out [WDWMAGIC](https://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/tianas-bayou-adventure/news/23may2024-tianas-bayou-adventure-honors-military-service.htm).