Walking barefoot across the pink sands, with the sun’s rays warmly welcoming you to the crystal-clear waters ahead, you’ll quickly find yourself enchanted by the exquisite beauty of Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point. This slice of paradise, located at the southernmost tip of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, is Disney Cruise Line’s (DCL) latest and most enchanting private island destination.

Eleuthera’s pristine natural oasis needs no magical transformation—other than arriving aboard the iconic Disney Magic cruise ship. Lookout Cay is DCL’s first new island in nearly 25 years, thoughtfully designed to spotlight the rich culture, history, and vibrant heritage of the Bahamian people. It provides a perfect complement to Disney’s other Bahamian retreat, Disney Castaway Cay.

Joseph Gaskins, DCL’s regional director of public affairs for the Bahamas and the Caribbean, describes Lookout Cay as a destination that allows guests to immerse themselves in Bahamian culture while enjoying the signature Disney experiences they love. To keep the Bahamian authenticity alive, Disney collaborated with the local community, hiring around 200 locals and having an all-Bahamian leadership team on-site. This conscious effort ensures that everything from imagineering to entertainment resonates with genuine Bahamian spirit.

One of the island’s highlights is RUSH! A Junkanoo Celebration at the Goombay Cultural Center, where visitors can learn about this lively festival’s history and craftsmanship straight from local artisans. Andrew Pinder, chairman of the National Junkanoo Committee, praised Disney for authentically capturing the festival’s essence, a vibrant display of music, dance, and tradition.

Guests can also enjoy a range of activities including snorkeling, a gaming pavilion, bike rentals, and nature trails. For those seeking tranquility, there’s an adults-only beach stretch replete with bars and BBQ options. The culinary offerings blend Disney favorites with local delights, like Bahamian pigeon peas and rice, and lime-marinated snapper, perfectly complemented by locally roasted Eleuthera coffee and a custom craft beer, Long John Pineapple Pilsner, brewed by Pirate Republic Brewing Co.

Disney’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in the island’s design. The island is primarily solar-powered, minimizing its impact on local resources. Walkways are elevated to protect the natural environment underneath, allowing guests to explore without disturbing the flora and fauna. The thoughtful, eco-friendly development occupies less than 16% of the 900-acre property, preserving the island’s natural beauty.

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