Big news for Disneyland Dream Key Annual Passholders! The long-awaited $9.5 million payout in the park pass reservation lawsuit is finally beginning. If you remember, a class-action lawsuit was filed back in November 2021 by Jenale Nielsen, who claimed that her Dream Key Annual Pass, which promised no blockout dates, actually had limitations on reservations.

According to The New York Times, starting mid-June, over 100,000 affected passholders who purchased the Dream Key between August 25th and October 25th, 2021, are set to receive checks or electronic payments amounting to around $67.41 each. This settlement allows Disney to bypass a prolonged court battle, although they maintain they did no wrong.

The core of the lawsuit alleged Disney limited reservations for Dream Key holders to boost the availability of single-day tickets. While this contradicted the Dream Key’s advertised benefits, both parties agreed to settle in July 2023.

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