In an unexpected twist in the magic of Disneyland, the cherished Dream Key annual pass has been at the heart of a $9.5 million class-action settlement. Disney fans, get ready to check your mailboxes as small checks are en route!

The esteemed “Dream Key” pass, priced at nearly $1,400, advertised an alluring promise of “no blockout dates.” However, this enchanting pledge turned into a pumpkin for over 100,000 pass holders when they discovered reservations weren’t as easily conjured as the unlimited access suggested. Between Aug. 25 and Oct. 25, 2021, these pass holders faced the heartbreak of unavailable reservations, leading a California woman to take a stand and file a lawsuit in November 2021, as reported by [The New York Times](

The core of the complaint rested on the belief that Disney appeared to limit the number of reservations available to Dream Key holders, seemingly to favor single-day and other types of tickets. With the Dream Key now discontinued, discussions linger about what the future holds for Disneyland’s ticketing systems.

The Dream Key didn’t just promise access—it also came with up to 15% off selected dining and 20% off selected merchandise. Despite these additional perks, the inability to secure park reservations led to widespread disappointment among fans, compelling Disney to settle the lawsuit in July 2023, though they deny any wrongdoing.

For all of you who held the Dream Key during that period, expect to receive around $67.41 as part of the settlement. While it’s a modest consolation, it’s almost enough for a couple of those beloved churros!

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