If you’re a Disney Cruise Line fan, get ready to set sail to a new paradise! Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point in the Bahamas is Disney’s latest private destination, and it’s brimming with magic and Bahamian flair. Here’s a glimpse of our inaugural visit to this fantastic new addition and what you can expect on your next Disney voyage.

Lookout Cay isn’t a standalone island like Castaway Cay; rather, it’s 110 acres of sun-soaked beachfront located at the southern tip of Eleuthera. The main attractions are the endless stretches of gorgeous beaches and azure waters. From the ship, a long, trestle pier—designed to protect local reefs—guides you onto the island. Be prepared for a bit of a walk, but trusty golf carts are available for those with mobility issues or small kiddos in tow.

Once on the island, you’ll discover immersive Bahamian culture at every turn. Don’t miss the vibrant Junkanoo parade at the Goombay Cultural Center, where Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, and Donald don custom costumes by local designer Theodore Elyett Sealy. It’s a feast for the senses, with music, dance, and art blending to create a colorful celebration you won’t soon forget.

Beach days at Lookout Cay promise endless family fun. For those seeking a touch of luxury, family cabanas at Mabrika Cove offer shaded indoor areas, plush loungers, and direct beach access. Adults can unwind at the somewhat secluded Serenity Bay, complete with its own cabanas and BBQ area. Food at Lookout Cay combines Castaway Cay favorites with Bahamian-inspired dishes, though finding seating can be a bit tricky during peak times. Remember, service stops at 2 p.m., so plan your meals accordingly.

For young adventurers, Lookout Cay boasts two waterpark areas—Rush Out Gush Out and Sebastian’s Cove—guaranteeing splashy fun. Snorkeling, biking, and future tours into Eleuthera will keep the active crowd busy. And of course, don’t leave without snagging some exclusive Lookout Cay merchandise from Disney T’Ings and the Taste of Eleuthera store, featuring unique pieces from local artists.

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