This year marks a colossal milestone for one of Disney’s most iconic and beloved characters as we celebrate 90 enchanting years of Donald Duck! From his very first appearance in the 1934 classic “The Wise Little Hen,” Donald has quacked his way into the hearts of fans worldwide, and his journey from sidekick to superstardom is nothing short of legendary.

According to Rebecca Cline, Director of the Disney Archives, Donald wasn’t initially destined for the spotlight. “He was so funny, and everybody loved him so much that they almost immediately started putting him into cartoons with Mickey and his other friends,” she reminisces. It’s that undeniable charm and ever-present hilarity that catapulted Donald into the Disney hall of fame.

Fast forward nine decades, and Donald Duck’s feisty spirit is still an integral part of The Walt Disney Company’s magic, appearing in everything from animated features and theme parks to an incredible array of merchandise. “There’s something about the duck,” explains Tom Fitzgerald, Senior Creative Executive of Walt Disney Imagineering. “There’s something about that wacky character that our guests really love.”

To toast Donald’s 90th, Disney has launched a spectacular global campaign packed with festivities that reflect his profound impact. The campaign features a brand-new heartwarming short, an engaging brand spot, and a slew of special events in Disney parks and across various media outlets. Renowned animators like Austin Traylor and soon-to-be Disney Legend Mark Henn, along with legendary voice actor Tony Anselmo, lend their insights, celebrating Donald Duck’s enduring legacy and his evolution over the years.

Dive into the celebration and find yourself enchanted by new adventures, exclusive collectibles, and heartwarming content that honors the irascible yet lovable duck that has kept us quacking with joy for so long. Catch these nostalgic and exciting moments across Disney platforms, and make sure to bring a bit of Donald’s delightful chaos into your life.

What do you think of Donald Duck’s incredible journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below and join us in this grand celebration by sharing this story with all the Disney fans you know! Here’s to 90 fantastic years of quacks, quips, and quintessential Disney magic, all brought to life by our favorite feathered friend! For more insights and celebrations, visit the official Disney website [here](