Disney Cruise Line is set to bring more magic to the British Virgin Islands! Recently, government officials, along with senior executives from Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Group, and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, gathered at a press conference to discuss the future of cruise tourism in the territory. Communications and Works Minister Kye Rymer shared the exciting news that the islands have partnered with the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association to ensure more visitors experience the charm of the VI.

The British Virgin Islands have been basking in record-breaking tourist numbers, with expectations to surpass 800,000 cruise passengers this year — a leap from the nation’s high of over 600,000 in 2016. Michele Paige, CEO of FCCA, applauded the impressive numbers and hinted at releasing new economic impact data to highlight the benefits brought by cruise tourists. However, she stressed the importance of dispersing visitors across various attractions to avoid overcrowding and ensure each experience remains enchanting.

A pertinent topic that surfaced during the press conference was the carrying capacity of the territory. While there are no specific figures for this limit yet, Norwegian Cruise Line’s Dan Farkas assured that their itinerary planning respects local capacities and relies on local agents for guidance. He also promised transparency and ongoing efforts to handle these numbers responsibly. Meanwhile, Bryan Attree of Royal Caribbean Group explained that the current pier size naturally limits the influx of mega-ships, thus providing a “safety valve” against overcapacity.

A significant focus of the meeting was also on infrastructure. The cruise line executives held productive discussions with local taxi operators, addressing issues such as road conditions which they believe act as a distraction to the islands’ natural beauty. While acknowledging the frustrations of drivers and the need for better infrastructure, Rymer reassured that improvements are underway and will be seen gradually.

Clearing the air on recent rumors, Farkas confirmed Norwegian Cruise Line’s strong commitment to the BVI, quelling fears over their continued presence. He pledged a significant increase in passenger numbers, from 250,000 this year to nearly 400,000 next year, reaffirming their dedication to the islands.

Ensuring a seamless spread of fairy-tale experiences, Disney, along with its fellow cruise lines, is keen to work with both government and the private sector. This collaboration aims to further enrich the visitor journey while safeguarding the local environment. Ready to set sail for even greater adventures? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this exciting expansion! Please share your comments below, and don’t forget to spread the magic by sharing this story!

For more details and the original report, visit [The BVI Beacon](https://www.bvibeacon.com/cruise-executives-promise-more-calls/).