Greetings, Disney fans! We all know that an early morning at Walt Disney World often begins with the compulsory visit to a Starbucks. Grabbing that much-needed caffeine kick-start is vital for juggling the Disney Genie Plus Lightning Lane and making the most of your day at the park. But there’s a twist to this everyday ritual that you need to know about!

While Starbucks locations at Disney are beloved pit stops for many, they aren’t owned by the House of Mouse. These coffee havens must follow all the corporate rules set by the Starbucks Corporation, which recently landed them in hot water. Yes, Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody and Governor Ron DeSantis are turning up the heat on Starbucks’ progressive policies, including their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training and race-based hiring practices.

Moody took her concerns public on Sean Hannity’s radio show, which DeSantis guest-hosted, revealing that she filed a complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations. The crux of the issue lies in whether Starbucks’ DEI policies violate Florida law under the Stop WOKE Act. Enacted in April 2022, this law curbs race-based hiring and DEI training in schools or businesses. Although parts of the law were ruled unconstitutional by a Federal judge, the debate continues to simmer.

Starbucks proudly shares its DEI goals on its website, aiming for significant BIPOC representation in its workforce by 2025. However, this transparency also serves as the basis for Moody’s complaint. Adding fuel to the fire, former White House staffer Stephen Miller has similarly targeted The Walt Disney Company over DEI practices, alleging discrimination against specific demographics.

While this legal tug-of-war plays out, Disney World visitors can rest easy—those cherished Starbucks shops aren’t going anywhere for now. Please share your thoughts on this developing story in the comments! Do you think Starbucks’ and Disney’s DEI efforts are justified, or do they go too far? Let the community know what you think and encourage your friends to join the conversation!

For those interested in diving deeper into the legal discussions or hearing the full interviews, check our sources and follow the links provided. Keep the Disney magic alive while staying informed! See you at the next coffee line at the Happiest Place on Earth!