Just last week, a group of Disney Cruise Line crew members, including Captain Thord, brought the magic of storytelling to the Albury Sayle Primary School in Nassau, Bahamas. During this special visit, students were able to listen to the group of VoluntEARS as they took a seat among the students to narrate a variety of classic tales. And, as a keepsake of their visit, Disney Cruise Line donated books to the classroom for students to inspire their own storytelling skills.

These reading together events always hold a special place in our heart because it’s not only a fun event for the VoluntEARS and students, it’s an opportunity to help promote the importance of reading and the power of imagination and creativity in the student’s daily lives.

Thank you to our dedicated crew members who find the time in their busy schedules to give back to our local port communities because without them, these events wouldn’t be possible. Each year, our Disney Cruise Line cast and crew members donate thousands of hours to benefit local port communities.

Now it’s your turn! When’s the last time you shared the magic of storytelling?