With Adventures by Disney you can enjoy gorgeous views of iconic cities across the globe, often right from your own hotel room window. Now you can even experience a new European vista each morning – without ever having to change rooms – on an Adventures by Disney Danube River Cruise.

For the first time ever, Adventures by Disney travelers are savoring views of Budapest, Hungary; Vienna, Austria; Passau, Germany; and more. And it’s all from the comfort of the AmaViola, a new river cruise ship designed with families in mind. Guests are soaking in the sight of fairytale castles, historic architecture, towering mountains and idyllic countryside as they sail through four countries.

Magnificent views from the ship are just the beginning. Active adventures await you at each port, making the journey even more astounding. Adventures by Disney River Cruises also offer maximum port time in each city, arriving at dawn and departing late night. This means more time to discover each destination through customized activities designed to appeal to all ages.

Adventures by Disney River Cruise Ship on Danube River

Imagine waking up, throwing open your curtains and beholding the beauty of a new European destination each day – eight locales in all. You can do it with an Adventures by Disney Danube River Cruise. Now sailing!