Step Aboard the Disney Treasure: A Journey Like No Other!

Greetings, Disney enthusiasts and curious explorers alike! Prepare to be enchanted as we unveil the magic of Disney Cruise Line’s newest marvel, the Disney Treasure. With prices starting around £17,000, this majestic sea vessel promises an unforgettable voyage filled with wonder, adventure, and Disney magic.

Embarking from the sunny shores of Port Canaveral in Florida, the Disney Treasure will whisk you away to the breathtaking locales of the eastern and western Caribbean. Scheduled to set sail for the first time in December this year, it joins its sister ship, Disney Wish, in delivering a nautical escapade like no other.

Measuring an impressive 341 meters and tipping the scales at approximately 144,000 tonnes, the Disney Treasure is a floating wonderland powered by liquefied natural gas. She boasts a remarkable crew of 1,555 devoted members, ready to ensure your journey is smooth and magical at a top speed of 23mph. With 15 decks and 1,254 cabins adorned with your favorite Disney characters, every corner of this ship is a tribute to the animation world’s rich legacy.

One of the standout features is the breathtaking Concierge Tomorrow Tower Suite. This two-storey haven comfortably houses up to eight guests and includes a library, five luxurious bathrooms, and even a private lift. It’s a place where dreams truly come to life!

Thrill-seekers will rejoice in the onboard attraction, ‘AquaMouse: Curse of the Golden Egg.’ This ride allows two-person vehicles to glide through over 230 meters of twisting tubes across the ship’s upper decks, offering both exhilarating twists and stunning ocean views.

Set your calendars! The maiden voyage is on December 21, spanning seven glorious days exploring the Caribbean. While prices for these magical journeys can vary, the March 29, 2025 trip starts at around £5,000, with more elaborate experiences, such as the journey on April 12 in the Concierge Suite, topping £20,000.

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Original source: Express (link to the original story)