In a move that has left many Floridians buzzing, Governor Ron DeSantis has shifted significant control over Florida’s air travel to the head of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD), a board that was strategically placed to replace Disney’s long-standing Reedy Creek Improvement District. This district once provided Walt Disney World with a unique level of self-governance, until a notorious public dispute between Disney and DeSantis spurred the governor to dissolve it. With this latest maneuver, DeSantis has once again proven his penchant for appointing allies to influential positions, now extending their reach to Florida’s critical travel infrastructure.

Stephanie Kopelousos, the new CFTOD administrator, is the latest appointee to benefit from DeSantis’ political playbook. Having previously served as Director of Legislative & Intergovernment Affairs under DeSantis and as Secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation, her resume is well suited for this new dual role. By taking charge of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, Kopelousos will oversee operations at Orlando International Airport (MCO), Florida’s busiest airport and the gateway for millions of Disney-bound tourists each year.

This strategic alignment could signify a new era of collaboration between Disney and the Florida government, especially in light of past legal conflicts like Disney v. DeSantis. Despite the rocky history, including accusations of First Amendment violations and political retaliation, recent developments show a surprising convergence of interests. Both parties have demonstrated a commitment to infrastructure improvements around Disney World, suggesting a possible detente that benefits both sides—and the millions of tourists who flock to the area.

Joining Kopelousos on the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority board is Joe Nunziata, Co-CEO of FBC Mortgage, LLC, whose extensive experience and community involvement earned him accolades such as the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award. Like Kopelousos, Nunziata awaits a seemingly assured confirmation by the DeSantis-friendly Florida Senate.

This unfolding saga raises intriguing questions about the future of Disney’s relationship with the Florida government and the broader implications for governance and infrastructure in the region. Will having the Disney district administrator in charge of MCO streamline processes for the endless flow of Disney visitors, or will it introduce unforeseen complications?

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