Ahoy there, Disney cruisers! While Disney Cruise Line promises a magical experience on the high seas, it’s important to remember that even the happiest places on earth aren’t immune to mysteries and tragedies. Here are some chilling tales of Disney and other cruise lines that still puzzle authorities and haunt us today.

One of the most poignant cases involves Rebecca Coriam, a vibrant 24-year-old crew member aboard the Disney Wonder. On March 21, 2011, Rebecca was last seen on CCTV, visibly upset, during an early morning phone call. By the time her shift was due to start, she had vanished without a trace. Despite extensive searches by Disney crew and naval forces, Rebecca was never found. While Disney officials theorize she fell overboard, her parents are unconvinced, citing the ship’s protective barriers. Theories of foul play continue to swirl around her disappearance to this day.

Not all mysteries are exclusive to Disney. Merrian Carver’s story adds a perplexing layer to cruise disappearances. In August 2004, the 40-year-old poet and banker boarded Celebrity Cruises’ Mercury (now Voyager by Marella Cruises) for a seven-day Alaskan voyage. Vanishing on the third day, Merrian’s absence was not reported until much later. Her belongings were stashed away in a locker by the steward’s supervisor without any attempt to notify the authorities. Merrian’s father, Kendall, tirelessly sought answers, even founding the International Cruise Victims group, but sadly passed away in 2019 without closure.

Adding to this list of enigmas is the case of Angelo Faliva, the 31-year-old Italian chef onboard Princess Cruises’ Coral Princess. Angelo was last seen on November 25, 2009, working in the restaurant, but he never returned to his cabin. Oddly, someone accessed his laptop post-disappearance, deleting emails and downloading files, yet no substantial leads have emerged. With discrepancies in crew testimonies and peculiar online searches linked to his case, the mystery of Angelo’s fate remains unsolved.

These cases serve as a sobering reminder that while a Disney cruise or any sea voyage should be filled with joy and entertainment, strange occurrences do happen. Whether they sailed with Disney or other renowned lines, these stories of missing passengers are a testament to the many unanswered questions that still loom over the open waters.

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