ICA Group Wealth Management LLC made a noteworthy financial move by reducing its holdings in The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) by 20.2% during the fourth quarter. According to the latest filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), ICA Group sold 890 shares, leaving them with 3,518 shares valued at $318,000. This maneuver is a small yet significant indicator of shifting investment strategies among major shareholders.

Interestingly, other prominent hedge funds and institutional investors also adjusted their stakes in Disney. Notably, Weil Company Inc. increased its position by 0.5%, now owning 20,295 shares valued at $1,832,000. BlackDiamond Wealth Management LLC followed suit by raising its shares by 3.3%, bringing its total to 3,286 shares worth $318,000. Evolution Advisers Inc. saw a substantial increase of 38.2%, ending the quarter with 380 shares. Gradient Capital Advisors LLC and First Business Financial Services Inc. also reported incremental increases in their positions.

In stock performance, Disney shares opened at $101.55 recently, reflecting a 1.6% uptick. With a 52-week range between $78.73 and $123.74, Disney maintains a market cap of $185.13 billion. Its financial health appears solid with a quick ratio of 0.69 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.38. The company reported $1.21 earnings per share for the latest quarter, beating analyst predictions of $1.12, and showcasing a revenue increase to $22.08 billion, a 1.2% rise year-over-year.

Analysts on Wall Street remain optimistic about Disney’s future. Argus, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America all raised their price objectives for the stock, emphasizing a “buy” rating driven by Disney’s strong financial performance and strategic initiatives. With a consensus rating of “Moderate Buy” and an average price target of $126.29, Disney is positioned favorably among industry analysts.

In the realm of insider trading, EVP Sonia L. Coleman recently sold 1,857 shares at $121.92 each, totaling $226,405.44, while Director James P. Gorman acquired 20,000 shares at $106.03 per share, a transaction worth over $2.12 million. Such moves underline the strategic decisions being made at the executive level.

The Walt Disney Company operates globally through its segments of Entertainment, Sports, and Experiences, leveraging a vast portfolio of brands including ABC, Disney, and National Geographic.

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Source: Defense World