Big news from Disneyland, everyone! If you’re planning a visit and relying on Disneyland’s Disability Access Service (DAS), there have been some significant changes you need to know about. These changes, which started at Disney World recently, officially take effect at Disneyland today.

For those who might be unfamiliar, DAS is a service designed to help guests who are unable to wait in a conventional line due to a disability. Guests using DAS are given a return time equivalent to the current wait time, allowing them to enjoy other areas of the park in the meantime. They then access the attraction via the Lightning Lane when their time slot arrives – it’s a fair solution that ensures everyone gets a chance to ride without having to stand in line for extended periods.

But why the change, you ask? The main reason cited by Disney is to curtail abuse of the system. DAS usage had tripled, becoming the most requested service in the parks. To ensure DAS remains available to those who genuinely need it, Disney tweaked their policies. Now, the service explicitly covers guests with developmental disabilities such as autism, who cannot tolerate waiting in a conventional queue. Other changes include a streamlined online registration process, a partnership with Inspire Health Alliance for better medical understanding, and adjustment of the maximum party size from six down to four, or immediate family if larger.

Additionally, pre-entitlements for DAS are gone, and the eligibility period has stretched from 60 to 120 days. Guests faking conditions to obtain DAS will face permanent bans, a stern but necessary deterrent to prevent system misuse.

If you’re curious about these changes or how they might affect your upcoming trip, be sure to stop by Guest Relations or speak with any Cast Member. This system is still evolving, and they’re there to help make your experience as smooth as possible. We’d love to hear how you feel about these updates and your experiences with DAS – share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: AllEars.Net