Disneyland once boasted one of the largest ‘nautical fleets’ in regular/daily passenger use in the Western Hemisphere!

Jungle Cruise — as many as 10 , maybe more (Congo Queen, Yangtze somethin’, and others)

Pirates of the Caribbean– too numerous to count — and yes, they have names (repeated – Camille, Marie, etc.)

Mark Twain–ONE!!


Tom Sawyer Rafts–THREE!!–Injun Joe, Tom Sawyer, and Becky Thatcher

Indian War Canoes– no fewer than 10

Mike Fink Keel Boats–TWO! — Bertha Mae and Gullywhumper

Storybookland Canal Boats–no fewer than 10-Flora, Fauna, Merriweather, Faline, Flower, etc.

Motor Boat Cruise–too numerous to count—I can not remember if they displayed names, kinda think they did though.

“it’s a small world” –too numerous to count

Submarine Voyage– at least six– Ethan Allen, Skipjack, Seawolf, Nautilus, and others (George Washington?)

If each vessel/water craft was counted it adds up to a big number and yes, Splash Mountain ‘Logs’ count too!!–too numerous to count!!

Before the Canal Boats were re-themed to Disney Princess names, they were each registered in Denmark!!

I am only counting those in use for Guests. Not utility craft for Show services purposes.

I may have missed some? I didn’t countare the Neverland Galleons as they do nottravel by water, but by Pixie Dust!!

My favorite vessel of all is the Columbia– she boasts the finest figurehead, the maiden at the front, sailors believed she was the soul of the ship.