There was a time when beverage service was available on the steamer Mark Twain. Yes!! This was up until the late 60’s. The remnant of this ‘bar’ can still be found on the third deck.

There was a broadcast on the Disney Channel Vault Disney that showed some of the contemporary jazz greats performing on the Mark Twain. Mint Juleps were available, (non alcoholic, of course!) and other nice little lemonades and such.

All served up by African-American males, dressed in red cutaway jackets, who would sometimes take part in a jazz beat and serve ’em up with some real tap dance flair!!

One of the most famous jazz greats was Satchmo himself, Louis Armstrong!! Of course, changes come, and since beverages being served without the (a- hem), convenience of a restroom, this practice was stopped.

Now when you ride the Mark Twain Steam Boat and take a stroll on the main deck (bottom) you will notice a platform area close to the center… this served as the stage for those jazz greats performances. So, you would be standing where some of the worlds most recognized jazz talents have performed some sizzlin’ sounds!!

A lot of thought went into the Mark Twain and it remains one of a kind!! She also boasted her own ticket, designed with the picture of her on it, from Globe Ticket printers. One round-trip passage!! You could keep the stub with the picture!! My gramma found one in her purse from years and years ago!! I got to keep it!!

All aboard!!