Dining with a preschooler can be a bit of a … well, let’s say a challenge. However, the only challenge you will have with a picky preschool eater at the Disneyland Resort is deciding which fantastic location to dine! There are so many wonderful options, and our two Disneyland Moms have some great tips on where to feed your little one.

“When it comes to feeding my preschooler at the Disneyland Resort, the options are endless and I often think wow, we are constantly eating! From character breakfasts, to quick lunches, and sit down dinners, food is one of the main things I plan around,” said Disney Parks Moms Panelist Linda.

Breakfast decisions for Linda’s family often vary between two different options. She either orders groceries to the room or her family enjoys a character breakfast with a buffet. A favorite buffet of her family’s is Minnie & Friends – Breakfast in the Park at the Plaza Inn.

“The buffet has all my child (and us parents) could ever want. My daughter typically eats well when we fill her plate with scrambled eggs, ham, and fruit. A muffin or two might find its way on to the plate as well,” said Linda. “Plus, the character interaction at this location is top notch!”

For Disney Parks Moms Panelist Anabel, breakfast at Disneyland can mean only one thing … Mickey waffles!

“Nothing tops Mickey-shaped waffles which are offered at several locations,” said Anabel. “We’ve enjoyed them with a side of berry compote as a buffet option at the Plaza Inn Restaurant, and we love the larger ones that can be found at the Carnation Café.”

As parents we all know, where there are preschoolers there must be snacks close by before a meltdown could occur.
“We usually restock our backpack every morning with all sorts of snacks because you never know when your little one will get a ‘rumbly’ in his/her ‘tumbly,’” said Linda. “If we find we are low on provisions, we love grabbing apple slices or pineapple spears at the various fruit carts. Popcorn is another winner with my child, and a snack we can easily share.”
When it comes to snacks for Anabel’s little ones, she recommends purchasing the Kids’ Power Pack from the Refreshment Corner at the end of Main Street, U.S.A. The power pack includes individually packaged fruits, veggies, a yogurt smoothie, “fish” crackers and parents may choose either a small bottled water or low-fat milk.

Lunch and dinner used to mean chicken nuggets and mac’ and cheese for preschoolers. Although those favorites can still be found, there are numerous other healthy options that may be purchased thanks to Kids’ Mickey Check Meals.

“My child happens to love teriyaki chicken with rice, so I was happy to discover Lucky Fortune Cookery,” explained Linda. “They have a Kids’ Mickey Check Meal of chicken and rice that comes with an applesauce, fruit, and a choice of milk or water. Another excellent Kids’ Mickey Check Meal is the roast beef sandwich at Flo’s V8 Café.”

For lunch or dinner, Anabel and her family enjoy meals at the Arroz con pollo at Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante in Frontierland. On occasion, they will head to Mickey’s Toontown for an individual cheese pizza from Daisy’s Diner because according to Anabel, what preschooler doesn’t love pizza?

Anabel and Linda’s other restaurant recommendations include Blue Bayou Restaurant, Bengal Barbecue and Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill. And finally, according to Linda, the perfect nighttime, daytime, or anytime treat, is none other than the Dole Whip. And her mom tip for acquiring your Dole Whip faster? Linda explains there are two lines at the Tiki Juice Bar and if you enter the waiting area for “Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room,” the line on the side is usually shorter.

For more preschooler tips or to ask questions about planning your upcoming Disney vacation, be sure to visit Disney Parks Moms Panel for a personalized response from our knowledgeable panel.