Disney today unveiled the debut episode of its latest digital series, “As Told By LEGO,” a spinoff of the popular “As Told By Emoji” franchise (125+ MM lifetime views). Made in collaboration with LEGO, the stop-motion animation video goes inside the mind of a young girl at the helm of her own make-believe adventure with Moana and Maui, in which they navigate a “blue jean” ocean and fight off a tribe of coconut pirates called the Kakamora.

Kicking off with an adorable retelling of Moana and her spirit of adventure, the series will continue with innovative retelling of some of Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm’s most iconic stories.

The first-of-its-kind collaboration is an opportunity for fans to experience beloved Disney narratives through the lens of partners like LEGO, and told with the help of Disney’s renowned storytellers. The series encourages imagination by helping kids create worlds and bring to life their own stories.

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