As Disneyland Resort Casting and Booking Director Stan Freese prepares for retirement, he reflects on all that he has been able to accomplish at the Disneyland Resort. From conducting the triumphant percussions of the Disneyland Band to bringing in 500 tubas to simultaneously play holiday music, Stan has set the musical beat of the Disneyland Resort for decades.

Stan’s Disney career began 43 years ago when he became the first Magic Kingdom Park band director at Walt Disney World Resort. From there, Stan went on to lead the Disneyland Band, later taking on roles at Tokyo Disneyland as show director and at Walt Disney World Resort as entertainment producer. Playing an integral part in entertainment and musical offerings for Disney Parks worldwide, Stan feels most grateful for the role he has been able to play here at the Disneyland Resort, expanding and diversifying the resort’s live music offerings.

“I truly enjoy bringing in new, fun concepts and ideas to the resort,” said Stan, a world-renowned tuba soloist who came to the attention of Disney after performing at the White House for President Richard Nixon.

“We give great employment to the finest entertainers and musicians in the country. This translates into the best music and entertainment for our guests,” said Stan. “Our guests deserve the very best and our musicians deserve to perform with the very best.”

Stan is most proud of having created the educational series, Disneyland Resort Salutes the American Band concert — an annual concert series presented by the Disneyland Band that introduces Orange County second-grade students to the history of the American band.

“I was lucky to have fallen into this job — a job that I like, a job that I am good at. I have never had a bad day here; maybe a bad hour, but never a bad day,” said Stan.